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Ltl-5511WMC Hunting Camera

 Ltl-5511WMC Hunting Camera is the improved model base on Ltl-5510MC Hunting Camera, with wide lens angle 100°, 44pcs LED light, two option of LED light, 850nm white flash and 940nm black/dark blue invisible flash LED light.

Adopt our Ltl Acorn's patent PIR, the camera would only be triggered when the object move into the overlapping area of left and right sensor, this would avoid taking photos only a part of the object, such as the front/rear part of the animal, avoid power and storage of SD card consumption.

Trgger time is 1.0s.

Battery option: A: 4xAA alkaline batteries in main unit of camera, 4xAA alkaline batteries in battery box.

                           B: 2x18650 lithium battery in the battery box.

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