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Fir camera of 3 wild snow leopards in Wolong, Sichuan

From the Xinhua News Agency:


Xinhua news reporter from Sichuan Wolong National Nature Reserve Authority was informed that Sichuan Wolong snow leopard field research work has made significant discoveries: the Bureau infrared trigger camera gets the wild snow leopard mother with two pups to go out for food, precious photos and videos.   

Through the analysis of the valuable image data and the life habits of snow leopards, we found that around 6 a.m. in May 2, 2015, three snow leopards in this area were swimming together to find food. According to the image data, three snow leopards are one big two small, and the analysis is confirmed as a mother of two cubs.   

Precious images were obtained for the first time since 2009 from the wild snow leopard, Area Management Bureau Deng Sheng wildlife protection station began to study the basic subject to wild snow leopard in Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, explore the snow leopard activity patterns, explore the effective protection strategy, will arrange the patrol team in high altitude areas to carry out in-depth travel over land and water field patrol and scientific investigation year.

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