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New: Ltl-6310-3G Wireless Communication Series Trail Camera

New Product: Ltl-6310-3G Series Wireless Communication Trail Camera

Models for option:

1. Ltl-6310MG-3G (standard angle lens, 55 degrees lens)

2. Ltl-6310WMG-3G (wide angle lens, 100 degrees lens)

The 3G camera Ltl-6310-3G Series is based on the Ltl-6310 series, it with advantanges as below to be the top hunting product:

1. Send full size picture 12MP (4000*3000) to email
2. Send video to email (up to 50M) 
3. Fast transmission speed: WCDMA 3.5G module, upload speed is up to 5.76Mbps
    Less than 1 minute from triggering to finishing sending 1.5M size picture to email,

    less than 2 minutes for 9.5M size video when the 3G network is running well. 
4. 2 ways of transmission for optional:
1) Transmit after shooting.
2) Transmit all unsent pictures at once in the specified time, the 3G module is powered off out the transmission
 period to reduce 
power consumption greatly.
5. Easy operation, all setting could be finished on the camera, no need PC (the SMTP information should be finished on PC for other model).


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