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New: Basic 3G Camera Ltl-6310-3G(BASIC) Series Trail Camera is Available

In order to meet demands of different customers from worldwild , Ltl Acorn is providing basic 3G camera Ltl-6310-3G(BASIC) Series Trail Camera for choice.

Ltl-6310-3G(BASIC) Series Trail Camera with 2 models for optional:


1. Ltl-6310MG-3G(BASIC) Trail Camera: 55 degrees standard angle lens model

2. Ltl-6310WMG-3G(BASIC) Trail Camera: 100 degrees wide angle lens model


Ltl-6310-3G(BASIC) Series Trail Camera is the basic series of Ltl-6310-3G series, supports sending thumbnail picture at 640*480 to mobile and email via 3G network,

further more, 12MP full size original picture or video (smaller than 50MB) could be obtained by SMS remote control function.

All setting could be finished on camera directly, it provides users great convenience to operate in filed, no need PC. 


Suggestion: If you prefer to choose the basic 3G camera to send thumnail picture only, Ltl-6310-3G(BASIC) series is a good choice for you,

if you need the function of sending video to email or upload 12MP picture and video to FTP server via email easier, then please choose the Ltl-6310-3G series.


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