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Infrared cameras record rare Xue Jingzhao in wild pandas

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    Xinhua photo, Longnan, April 13, 2016 (Gansu) infrared camera records into the wild pandas rare Xue Jingzhao from Gansu Baishuijiang National Nature Protection Area Management Bureau Baimahe infrared camera protection station provides footage shows, walking a giant panda in the Wenxian town of Longnan City, Gansu province iron floor area of the forest in the snow (February 4th).

    Gansu is one of the three distribution of giant pandas in China, according to the 2015 fourth national survey of giant pandas, the number of pandas in Gansu Province, a total of 132, which is located in Gansu Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve and Sichuan at the junction of the 110. Since the end of 2014, the State Forestry Administration and Gansu forestry department have set up more than 160 infrared trigger cameras for monitoring and protecting wildlife. This is the first time a picture of the giant panda's activity in the snow. Shen Jizhong

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